How to win at Video Poker?

Video Poker

How to win at Video Poker? The fact of Video Poker is that only 20% are winners, the rest, which is 80% are losers. The difference between a winner and a loser is what he does with 80% of the hands dealt so that it becomes a winning hand. If you want to win at Video Poker, you need Video Poker strategy.

To increase the possibility of making money in video poker you have to understand, accept and pledge loyalty to these tips. Find a machine that pays 9 for a full house and 6 to win for color.

Learn how to win at Video Poker :

If you want to play in a progressive machine that pays 8 for a full house and 5 per color, be sure that the machine pays a jackpot of $ 450 or better in the case of the nickel, the 1-room video poker machines pay $ 3500 or more and $ 20 thousand for the machines of 1 dollar.

To collect the royal flush bonus of a progressive machine, be sure to bet the maximum number of coins. Play on the team with the lowest denomination, if you are a new player. Wait until you are better before playing on the major video poker machines.

Video Poker Machine
Video Poker Machine

Use the card for the machines to get the credit to play if the casino offers one. First, ask the equivalent point for each dollar played.

Next, find out when those points are worth. Take the time to read each hand you have. Remember that you are not playing in front of other people.

Follow the steps to win the game :

It will not be to worry if you play slowly. The players do not recognize that the jack is the most important card in the game, not the ace. A Jack gives you much more profit than an Ace.

The variety of video poker that you can play is almost endless, but they all have their own payment options and need a different strategy. The best way to learn is to just choose 2. Improve your game by playing on your computer or a portable video poker game. If you train this way, test your skills with zero risks. How to beat Video Poker Machines?

Here are some tips:

  • Do not always have a pitcher with your pair. This reduces your profitability by 5%.
  • Do not draw four cards, if you can get a real color of three cards.
  • Always stay in a hand of 5 winning cards, except when you get a royal flush with a single card.
  • Never break a hand of colors to try a real scale, even with a pint.
  • Always break your color scale to draw a real scale.
  • Do not break your order to try a scale.
  • Do not draw a 5, if you have jacks or something better.
  • Never leave a 10 or a 4 covered.

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