How much do casino dealers make?

How much do casino dealers make

How much do casino dealers make? If you are already a casino player, have you ever wondered how much casinos dealers make do? And from where our enchanting dealers come from? We have the answers for you.

How much do casino dealers make?

Online live casino games work with different technology:

This is pretty obvious, live games take place in real time, around the clock and with hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. Live Casino games can be played in any platform type: Laptop (Flash and Download Software) and Mobile / Tablet (HTML5 and Native in iOS and Android).

The biggest difference to other online casino games is the live casino technology. Live games have a lot to set up in a studio: video, sound, lights, microphones, card scanning, roulette results capture, voice interaction with the dealer, to name a few. This is something you do not normally get when playing games!

How much do casino dealers make
How much do casino dealers make?

About casino dealer:

It’s not so easy to become a live casino dealer. The work of a live dealer is fun, flexible and rewarding. It takes between 3-5 weeks to work in every position in a live dealer casino and at the same time to learn to become a live dealer casino in front of the camera. How to become a blackjack dealer?

How much do casino dealers make?

Casino dealer can easily make as much as $ 100,000 per year. The average dealing jobs in a small casinos pay half that much but many casinos pay $25 per hour. Also, similar wages you can find in Online bitcoin casino.

Live dealers come from different places:

About 65% are from Latvia and 35% from Russia. 15% are male and 85% are female. The average age is very young at 23.5 years.

Characteristics of a casino dealer:

  • Have learned all the rules of the game.
  • Learned the chat rules.
  • Have learned all procedures (changing cards, closing – opening tables, cleaning procedure, Downtime etc.).
  • Have attended a make-up course.
  • Had a photo shoot.
  • Did a live test round in the studio with customer service chats.
  • Have passed their final exam – and have received final approval from their team leader.

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