How to make a Roulette Wheel?

How to make a Roulette Wheel?

If you want to know how to make a roulette wheel by yourself, read on the following quick guide.

Roulette is one of the most popular and oldest casino games of all time. These days, bitcoin casino offers roulette in its games line-up.

How to make a Roulette Wheel?

Making your roulette table for a party or casino night is easier than it sounds. Now you can tell your guests that you have built the roulette table yourself as good as a big win at one top casino. This DIY craft will take about an hour to construct but must be allowed to dry overnight, so make sure that you give yourself plenty of time before you plan to play.

How to make a Roulette Wheel?
Make a Roulette Wheel

You will need:

– Roulette layout and wheel

– 8 × 4 inches wooden table

– Wood glue or epoxy (depending on the material of your roulette wheel)

– Staple gun and staples


Your roulette layout and wheel should be 36 x 72, which you will be able to buy online or in-game stores. As with most things, quality and price can vary dramatically, so look around to find the option that works best for you.

Place the roulette layout face down on a clean, hard surface and flip the table over and place it down on the roulette layout. It’s important to make sure the layout is on a page rather than centered.

Use the staple gun to secure the edges of the roulette layout to the table, and to keep the felt taut and smooth on the top. Staples should be spread two to three inches to make the same fit. Check the top of the table, and if necessary, add a few more staples to the side of the table. Find more about roulette here.

With the appropriate glue, attach the roulette wheel to the side of the table that does not have the layout above. You should let the glue dry overnight before making sure it is safe. Sticking the roulette wheel to the table is, of course, optional and you can leave it loose for easier storage.

However, for a more robust, permanent option, it is a good idea to secure the two together to make sure the bike does not fall off or slip around while playing.