Who invented Texas Hold’em?

Who invented Texas Hold’em?

Who invented Texas Hold’em? All American Video Poker has become a game with presence in all parts of the world. And with unprecedented importance for the amount of money that moves in this world and in its live tournaments.

Texas Hold’em is currently the most popular and most requested modality by any poker player. It doesn’t matter if we are in a live tournament, in a casino or playing online, Texas Hold’em is the poker modality that is most used.

Who invented Texas Hold’em?

But how and when this modality has been established as the hegemonic among all the existing ones?

The origins of poker Hold’em are somewhat ambiguous and we cannot say with certainty or with absolute truth what their origin is. The oldest preserved documents date from the early 20th century and how could it be otherwise found in the holy land of the game, in Nevada.

Who invented Texas Hold’em?
Invention of Texas Hold’em

Specifically, Robstown state legislation, a small town in southern Texas, is the first document kept on Texas Hold’em. It is the first geographical place to which the practice of such modality was attributing.

The expansion and popularity of Hold’em poker were carrying out by big stars such as Doyle Brunson or Amarillo Slim who, around 1967, had already extended this practice through Las Vegas.

In the beginning, this modality was only practiced at the Gold Nugget Casino in Las Vegas but little had to wait for the Texas fever to spread to other casinos, such as Dunes Casino.

Not much later, in the 1980s, Texas Hold’em poker took off from its roots and began to cross borders. It began to spread throughout the United States. It still hasn’t stopped today and continues to conquer more than one player who is captivated and fascinated by this modality.

Texas Hold’em poker has simple rules. The goal is to get the pot that is formed among all the players at the table. Once the cards are dealt, each player has to bet and fight to win their opponents. That is making strong bets, playing with the lanterns or retiring on time if they consider that their hand is not strong enough to win. At this moment statistics and psychological strength come into play.