Craps Strategy:

Craps Strategy

Craps Strategy: There is nothing quite like Craps, especially at a hot table where Craps players are winning together.

It is thought that Craps is a simple online bitcoin casino game of throwing dice and betting on the result. But when it comes to betting money, systems, and theories, it seems tough.

Learn the best Craps Strategy:

These strategies are at the risk of those who use them because as with all games of chance, no system is infallible.

Popular Craps Strategies:

Player Fallacy:

One of the most popular strategies is the Player Fallacy, which consists of betting on the same number that has not left. This is because statistically, it is believed that a number that has not previously gone out is more likely to appear in future rounds.

Craps Strategy
Craps Strategy

It is just as a number that has come out repeatedly is less likely to come out again. However, and as the name of this strategy says, it is a “fallacy”. Since each dice roll is an independent event and is not affecting by the previous throws.

Therefore, it is possible that situations occur in which rare numbers such as 12 and 2 appear several times when common numbers such as 7 are not seen. Read more about table games here.

The Martingale:

The original concept was not for use in dice, but in “face or cross” coin sets. However, as it is an independent betting system, it can be using in any game of chance that includes simple and unique bets.

This is a “safe bet” system very popular among Craps players. It consists of an initial bet that, in case of losing, the player will proceed to double.

If you lose the second bet, you will bet twice the amount you lost. This procedure continues until the player wins, thus recovering all the money he has lost in all consecutive bets. Once you have won, bet the initial amount again. In this way, you always recover what you bet, assuming that at least once you have to win in multiple betting rounds.

Less common Craps Strategy:

For the riskiest players, certain types of bets that go against the majority can be made. It increases both the risk and the gain. This type of bet is popular as the Iron Cross and consists of continuously betting on the loss of the other players.

For example, being the Pass Line the most popular type of bet, you can play continuously with the No Pass Bar, it’s opposite. That way, when the majority loses, the player can then collect their winnings.