What is Counting Cards?

What is Counting Cards?

What is Counting Cards? If you are playing five card draw game, you must have heard about counting cards. Do you know what is it? Let us find out here

Players use a technique that is not officially illegal, card counting. However, it is something that is not well seen by the casinos and especially by the real casinos.

The casinos in the US, they include this technique in their policy of rules and prohibitions and do not allow players to count cards. If any player is suspected of counting cards, he could even have serious problems at the casino.

What is Counting Cards? How does card counting work?

The technique itself is based on a very simple theory. In blackjack, the player can have a huge advantage if he has an idea of ​​the type of cards that will arrive later. Read more about blackjack here.

You can never know exactly but the chances for some to come out are much greater than for others because they have already been distributed.

With this, you can get a huge advantage over the casino. The possibility of a normal profit is already at 50% and now the player has the advantage of knowing which cards will arrive very likely. That way the player can transform blackjack into a very profitable game in the long term.

What is Counting Cards?
Counting Cards

The formula for card counting:

One method of counting cards that is very simple but at the same time cost-effective is the Hi-Low system. If you follow this strategy you don’t have to know exactly which cards are already out of the game.

What is important here is to know the value of the cards that are about to leave the deck. This technique is famous as “Current Counting” in which each card has a certain value. With this simple system, you will know the relationship between high-value cards and low-value cards and the balance between them.

Please note:

– Card counting will not make you rich, but if you know how to do it well it can make things easier for you on more than one occasion.

– Although we know that you always want to go further, our advice is to focus your efforts. To start, use the High-Low method, and do not change until you have it completely controlled.

– In addition, many casinos, as in online casinos, have continuous charging machines, which makes counting the cards make no sense.