What are the things which you can buy with Bitcoin?

things to buy with bitcoin

Things to Buy with Bitcoin : On the internet, we have hundreds of articles on what is Bitcoin, how does it work, or even in what cryptocurrency to invest.

But do we really know what can be bought with bitcoins? Let us find out:

Things to Buy with Bitcoin :

Electronic products:

In the United States, reference companies in the technology sector such as Dell and Microsoft have already been encouraged to accept payments in Bitcoin.

Also, some retail visionaries of electronic products have decided to accept as a form of payment in cryptocurrencies. Normally we will find them online. If you want to encourage and use them you need have to open an account in BTC.

Digital content:

There are many applications especially in the gaming sector where apps in companies such as Windows or Xbox have published their games.


eCommerce has seen in Bitcoin an easy and safe method of payment. Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms nowadays. It has been in business since the end of 2013.

Things to Buy with Bitcoin
Things to Buy with Bitcoin

Leisure: theater tickets:

Leisure and culture are not left out of the payment trend in Bitcoin. The distribution platform Theater Direct of the United Kingdom offers the possibility of a payment in bitcoin in all its actions.


Another sector that encourages digital payment is that of restoration, although it does so timidly. Currently, the well-known fast-food chain – Subway, begins to allow payment with bitcoin in some of its stores.

Beneficial causes:

Non-profit organizations dare Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies to attract digital donors who want to contribute to their cause in digital money, such as Save the Children that allows donations in bitcoins, through Bitpay. But beware, do not trust any association, always check before it is a real entity and the page of it.

Now you know everything that what can be purchased with bitcoins. Would you be encouraged to include Bitcoin in your business as a payment method?

Bitcoin betting

One of very popular uses of bitcoin lately is bitcoin betting. There is a lot of bitcoin casino and sportsbook sites offering their services for making bets with cryptocurrencies.