What is the Payout on Roulette?

What is the Payout on Roulette?

What is the Payout on Roulette? Although you can play roulette without knowing almost anything about this game, it is important to know the payments in order to bet with knowledge. Otherwise, you will not know how much money you can earn with the bets you make.

For this reason, we have created this simple guide in which we will talk about payouts in roulette depending on the bet you make. Who invented roulette?

What is the Payout on Roulette?

Roulette payments:

There is a simple formula to determine the payout of each bet. That is to know what the payment is based on the number of chips you bet. This formula is the following:

 (36-n) / n:

Where “n” is the number of numbers wagered. Therefore, we can see that the profits are always related to the number of numbers we have bet. The more numbers we bet, the smaller the profit.

It is important to mention that this formula is valid for different types of roulette, regardless of the zeros you have.

What is the Payout on Roulette?

Are the payments in American, European and French roulette different?

In all roulettes of the world, the proportion of the winnings with respect to the bet is always the same, both in the 1-zero and 2-zero roulettes. This means that the payouts will always be the same on all the roulettes we test.

Therefore, the answer is no. The payments do not vary in different roulettes. Therefore, this article about prizes/payments will serve you whether you play French roulette or if you prefer European or American roulette.

However, what does change are the probabilities of hitting, which are reduced in the roulette of 2 zeros (the American one).

The different ways to win at roulette:

As we have been able to verify, depending on the number of chips or coins that we bet, we can receive a prize or another. Here we collect the different types of bets that roulette allows:

•    Internal bets (in numbers)

•    Outside bets (in other sectors of the table)

•    Advertised bets

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