High Roller Meaning:

High Roller Meaning

High Roller Meaning: In poker, if the entry price of a player is very high or they are Professional poker players who choose to play only at tournament tables or cash games of large stakes or a lot of money at stake, it is called high roller.

Playing high roller poker live or online is something that although it can make us a better poker player. It also brings with it endless responsibilities and concerns to assume.

What is a High Roller Meaning?

It is a “high-flying” player. And that means that we are facing a person who plays high roller poker tournaments. He has managed to specialize in such a way that he has managed to adapt his game to this kind of event.

Although we can also talk about live and online high roller players who only participate in high-priced cash games.

High Roller Meaning
High Roller

Play High Roller or not?

Almost any poker player should ask himself that question: if it is worth trying to make the jump to play “High Roller”?

Online poker perfectly offers the opportunity to play High Roller events or very expensive cash games at any time of the day. The boom in online poker festivals such as Super Series 888 is an example that in addition to medium and high buying events.

We can find more expensive tournaments with guaranteed 6-figure prizes. Another thing is that the legality of the different jurisdictions makes it easier for High Roller players to find tournaments and tables at very high levels.

So in many countries, there is no problem to develop a High Roller. But in other regulated online poker markets, it is clear that the player must combine his online poker sessions with High Roller poker tournaments and with High cash games tables.

Others may think that it is better to play 5 card poker online. They may also be right since the advantage in playing these tournaments online, is that the number of players and therefore the prizes are sometimes multiplied by quite a bit. Find more info about tournaments here.

You do not have to assume travel or accommodation costs so it is a great incentive to never rule out playing high roller online too.