Where to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Where to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Where to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? If you are looking for Bitcoin Cash to play online betting bitcoin, let us know everything about BCH here in the following.

At first, Bitcoin Cash served to replace bitcoin. However, there was no consensus in the cryptocurrency community and BCH was forged as a new cryptocurrency.

Since then, we have BTC and BCH and they have gained good support in exchange offices around the world. This means that Bitcash has almost the same utility as Bitcoin, but with some improvements under the hood.

If you want to invest in Bitcoin Cash, it is important to understand what is it?

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

In August 2017, Bitcoin went through a historic split that gave rise to a new virtual currency, called Bitcoin Cash, or simply BCH. The size of the Bitcoin block does not change, which means that it is capable of storing only a limited number of transactions. With the growing interest in buying Bitcoins, this limitation has made currency transfers much more expensive.

Where to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?
Buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Where to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

– eToro

– Binance

– Kraken

– CoinMama

– BitMEX


Why did it arise?

The reason for the birth of this new cryptocurrency was the need to optimize the time of transactions in Bitcoin. In the past, there were times when transfers faced serious congestion in the BTC network, another reason was the search for reduced operating costs. Bitcoin Cash blocks have 8 megs, this allows transactions to be faster than Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was born out of a Bitcoin network fork. The correct term for this fork is a hard fork, it is a copy of the famous Bitcoin, but the change in the algorithm makes it, it is nothing like the original Bitcoin.

So many say that Bitcoin Cash is a new cryptocurrency. It appeared on August 1, at the time who owned Bitcoin, could exchange the coins for Bitcoin Cash.