Skrill Account:

Skrill account

Skrill account: Skrill is an online payment processor with operation almost identical to others with similar characteristics such as PayPal, Neteller or the Payza. It has been accepted by many bitcoin sportsbook USA.

Formerly popular as Moneybookers, it was founded in 2001 and therefore, its headquarter is in London, with offices throughout Europe and the United States.

Types of Skrill Account:

Furthermore like most payment processors, Skrill has 2 types of accounts to meet the needs of all users. These are:

Company account:

Ideal for freelancers with a website or small businesses that want to accept payments through this electronic wallet. It allows payment to employees and suppliers and also to carry out commercial transactions internationally.

Personal account:

Ideal for all those whose sole intention is to receive and send money quickly, safely and easily. It also serves to make online purchases and make international payments without difficulties.

Obviously, for most of us, the account that interests us is the personal one. Its use is completely free and will provide us with the various advantages.

Skrill Account
Skrill Account

Advantages and disadvantages of Skrill Account:

There is no payment processor that is completely perfect, all have their advantages and disadvantages. Finally let’s review the good and the bad of this electronic wallet.


– Great geographic availability. More than 200 countries accepted (many more than PayPal).

– Proven, reliable and secure site.

– Easy to use. The excellent interface in Spanish. There are many options but all are very intuitive.

– Very low commissions. You will never have the feeling of losing a lot of money along the way.

– Mobile app. You can manage your money and carry out your transactions anywhere in the world.

– Credit or debit card to make purchases or withdraw money from any ATM.

– It has two-factor authentication.


– When making purchases online with Skrill, you do not have the reach and availability that PayPal has.

– For withdrawals to a bank account, the commission is a little higher than in other payment processors.