How to use MyEtherWallet?

How to use MyEtherWallet?

How to use MyEtherWallet? MyEtherWallet is a free and open-source interface for generating Ether wallet. If you do not know how to use it for bitcoin sports betting, here we will learn.

1. Access Make sure and always check the security of the site. A green padlock should appear next to the address.

2. To generate and create a wallet you must enter a password of at least 9 characters. Enter the password you want and click on the ‘Create New Wallet’ button.

3. A Keystore file (UTC / JSON) will be generated that contains very important information. This file contains your wallet information in encrypted form. This file will allow you to reset your wallet from other programs.

Download and save the UTC / JSON file before continuing.

Download the UTC / JSON file and click Continue.

Save this file in one place. If you can store it on a pen drive, so much the better. Once you have saved it, click on the red button ‘I understand’. Continue.

4. On the next screen, you will see your private key without encryption. This key will be necessary to access your Ethereum wallet. MyEtherWallet gives the possibility to print this private key (I recommend doing it) to store it physically in case your computer breaks, or your disk or pen drive stops working, etc.

5. Well, your address is already created, now to access it you must choose one of the different options that MEW offers. You can use either the Keystore file (UTC / JSON) that you saved or if you prefer the Private Key.

How to use MyEtherWallet

Advantages of using MyEtherWallet:

There are many options for storing Ethereum and ERC-20 Tokens, but we definitely recommend using MyEtherWallet for the following reasons:

– It allows sending and receiving Ether & ERC-20 Tokens.

– It allows you to create an unlimited number of Ethereum addresses.

– MyEtherWallet can be run offline and locally.

– Generate a paper wallet with all the access data that you can print and thus save in a safe place.

– It does not store your private keys.

– High level of security. MEW is a client with a limited connection since it will only connect to the network to carry out the operation you want to carry out.