Bitcoin Dice Sites:

Bitcoin Dice Sites:

Bitcoin Dice Sites: One of the most interesting aspects when it comes to bitcoin casino slots is the diversity that we can find in them. There are games where strategy is a fundamental factor in many cases. And others where randomness is the one who takes the reins and the player only has the power to choose their type of bets. 

It is in this last category that we find the casino Dice game. Dice can be part of various games of chance. However, when we talk about Dice in the casino, we generally refer to what we know as Dice.

Here we present you some of the best Bitcoin Dice Sites:

1. OneHash

2. FortuneJack Casino


4. Primedice

5. DuckDice Casino 

The dice game is very entertaining and, above all, easy to play. It is in that range of games like Roulette where the player only wants to get money and have fun quickly. 

Certainly, there are some considerations that could be taken into account in order to optimize the bets and reduce the chances of losses. However, we cannot properly speak of a strategy to increase the probability of winning.

Bitcoin Dice Sites:
Bitcoin Dice Sites


When we refer to the mentioned dice, then we will have some very simple dice game rules to follow. On the table, there is a board where the boxes with the types of bets can place. Bettors must get around them and define their bets long before the dice are thrown. Check more about Dice games here.

The time to roll the dice can sum up in a few sentences that are very easy to remember:

– If a 7 or 11 is rolling, the player wins his bet.

– If he rolls a 2, 3 or 12 he does what we call “craps” and loses the bet.

– If you pull any of the remaining numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) you “set a point”. In this case, the dealer places an indicator on the table to indicate the point value and allows the player to repeat the play. Here you must get the value of that point to win.