Bitcoin Dice Strategy:

Bitcoin Dice Strategy

Bitcoin Dice Strategy: Although it is thought that Dice is a simple game of throwing dice and betting on the result. But when it comes to betting money, there are always systems and theories of how to change the result in favor of the player. Many of these strategies include “Player Fallacy”, “Dice Control”, and the popular “Martingale”.

These strategies are at the risk of those who use them because as with all games of chance, no system is infallible.

Bitcoin Dice Strategy:

Although it seems that the house always wins in Dice, there are several systems that have worked for regular casino players.

One of the most popular strategies is the Player’s Fallacy, which consists of bitcoin sports betting on the same number that has not come out. This is because statistically, it is to believe that a number that has not previously exited is more likely to appear in future rounds.

However, and as the name of this strategy says, it is a “fallacy”, since each roll of the dice is an independent event, and is not affecting by previous rolls. Therefore, it is possible that situations occur in which rare numbers such as 12 and 2 appear several times, when common numbers such as 7 are not shown.

Bitcoin Dice Strategy
Bitcoin Dice Strategy

The Martingale:

It is an independent betting system. It can use in any game of chance that includes simple and unique bets.It is a very popular “safe bet” system among Dice players. It consists of an initial bet that, in case of losing, the player will proceed to double.

If you lose the second bet, you will bet twice the amount you lost. This procedure continues until the player wins, thus recovering all the money he has lost in all consecutive bets.

Once you will win, bet the starting amount again. In this way, what is bet is always recovered, assuming that at least once it has to be won in multiple betting rounds. Learn more about Dice games here.

Less common strategies:

For riskier players, certain types of bets can make that go against the majority. It increases both risk and profit. This type of betting is popular as the Iron Cross and consists of continually betting on the loss of the other players.

For example, with Pass Line being the most popular bet type, you can continuously play with the No Pass Bar, it’s opposite. That way, when the majority loses, the player can then collect their winnings.