Gambling games with Dice:

Gambling games with Dice

Gambling games with Dice: Dice games are well known for appearing in Hollywood movies in an environment of luxury, consumerism, and beautiful women.

The game takes place at a green table in the company of several dealers in charge of the different tasks related to the game. They collect the money and the bets of the players, supervising the game and collecting the dice.

In addition, Dice is a classic game of chance where one or several players participate. In online bitcoin casino, it plays against the “house” or “bank”. However, players can also counter-bet on each other.

In this game, your objective is to bet on a number that will form the dice before making a throw. Bets and tosses are made according to well-defined rules.

The online version of dice plays in online casinos and the rules do not vary much from the original game. Following are some of the popular sites on which you can easily play gambling games with dice:

– Bet365

– Spinpalace Casino


– Big Bola Casino

– 888 Casino

Gambling games with Dice
Gambling games with Dice

How to play dice games?

To understand the game and the rules of dice, it is necessary to know that the game table will divide in different ways. The various bets that are valid in a round of dice are made in these divisions. On the game table, you will find two key sections for the start of the game: the pass line and the do not pass line.

Pass Line: On this line, the dice shooter will make the first bet in the game and the first dice roll. All dice games must start with the shooter’s bet, otherwise, it cannot start. Find more info about Dice games here.

Do not pass line: It is the line where counter-bets are made. That is, everyone who bets on this line is betting against the roll of the dice shooter.

The shooter is not the only one who can bet. Other players may bet for or against the shooter’s first shot. The other players do not oblige to do so, but the first shooter must be required to bet.