How to deposit with Ethereum? Ethereum (ETH) launched in 2015, is the second most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. ETH is successful in the gaming sector because of its computerized blockchain. It is the reason for the appearance of smart contract casinos. There a lot of  online bitcoin betting sites who offers deposits in ETH.

Despite all this new technology, the process of adaptation takes some time. However, Ethereum is popular at the time of betting on the dice and has had a slightly slower release in the casinos.

Betting in Ethereum Casino:

If you are familiar with Bitcoin bets, Ethereum will be a very familiar experience. Users can easily create an offline portfolio. That can be done using a Ledger Nano S or use an online/desktop portfolio such as MyEtherWallet, Jaxx or others. How to get an ethereum wallet?

Each portfolio creates its own unique address. Here funds can be received and funds transfer works as it done with Bitcoin. Read more about Ethereum wallets here.

Bitcoin Casinos Vs. Ethereum:

If players have dozens of Bitcoin casinos to choose from, why would they choose to play in an Ethereum casino? Here are some of the key reasons why you could choose to bet with Ether (ETH).

How to deposit with Ethereum?

How to deposit with Ethereum?

Faster Transactions:

Bitcoin is currently suffering from the problem of having a congested network. Casino deposits made through BTC are exposed to large delays. Deposits at Ethereum casinos are processed in less than one minute. Also the same level of anonymity is available. The speed of deposits Ethereum is one of the biggest attractions for many players.

Smart Contracts:

The chain of blocks of Ethereum is generated taking into account the smart contracts. Although smart contracts are still not very popular, there are players who prefer to play in totally reliable casinos. These Ethereum casinos do not have any intermediary, and the profits and losses are paid automatically without needing any authorization.

Best Odds:

Many consider that Ethereum is a possible competition to occupy the position of Bitcoin as the best cryptocurrency on the market. In case that happens, the value of the Ethereum (Ether) currency will multiply: which means that any profit made by playing has the potential to have a much higher value in the future.

Best Ethereum Casinos:

The list of Ethereum casinos is still small since we are in the early stage of cryptocurrency.

Moreover, our most valued gaming site that is Betcoin – introduced Ethereum to its casino in February 2017. We are going to see more casinos accepting the form of deposit and withdrawal in the coming months.

How to deposit with Ethereum?

Ethereum Betting Sites:

The currency of Ethereum operates in a similar way to Bitcoin. However, the protocol is completely separate. You can find below a list of betting games that accept deposits and withdrawals with Ethereum, and more information about Ether and how it can be used to bet.

Here are the popular platforms where you can deposit and play casino games using Ethereum.

  •     Betchain
  •     Bitstars
  •     cryptogams
  •     FortuneJack

How to Bet with Ether?

Ethereum allows users to transfer with Ether in a similar way to what a player using Bitcoin would do. Cryptocurrency operates in a chain of blocks with miners that are incentivized by block rewards, and the blocks are exploited by the ‘proof of work’. All this is very similar to Bitcoin, and in fact, it is. However, Ethereum allows players, in addition to carrying out value transactions, also to execute computer ‘smart contracts’ in the blockchain itself.

It is for this reason that many players use Ethereum, and a number of random gaming sites now allow their users to bet using Ether. The list of betting sites is growing, which is why we have listed all. Sites covering Ether sites, whether casinos, craps, sports betting and poker rooms.

How to deposit with Ethereum?
Deposit with Ethereum

Advantages of Ethereum for the game:

How to deposit with Ethereum?

Playing with Ether does not necessarily have to be ‘better’ than playing with Bitcoin. The properties of both currencies are the same, and both share the benefits of being fast, anonymous and transparent. The disadvantage is that the list of gaming sites for Ether is much more limited than the enormous number of casinos, poker rooms, and sports betting houses of Bitcoin. That said, Ether has gained a lot of popularity, and we anticipate that many more cryptocurrency casinos will accept this new currency in the near future.

How to deposit with Ethereum?

As we have mentioned above, there are many popular online casino platforms that accept Ethereum.

Online casinos that accept Ethereum:

  •     JackpotCity Casino
  •     FortuneJack
  •     1XBIT
  •     mBit Casino
  •     BetCoin
  •     Betchain

There you have it. It’s just a matter of signing up at any of these casinos, finding the option to make deposits, choosing Ethereum as a method of payment, making the transfer. And you are ready to start playing and making money.

How to deposit with Ethereum?Buying Ether to Play:

Although Ether is very popular, it is not so easy to access it compared to Bitcoin. However, players who are familiar with the purchase of Bitcoin may change their Bitcoin to Ether. We recommend for fast and secure BTC / ETH transactions.

Finally, Ethereum is one of the strongest cryptocurrencies on the market. It is much more recent as compared to Bitcoin. The value is gradually increasing, it is at par or better value than Bitcoin.