An online game can be considered as Provably Fair if there is a mechanism that allows the players to confirm the fairness of the game process.

Provably Fair Gaming :

Provably fair gaming is a system that makes it impossible for the player or casino to cheat during a game. Showing the results of the games has never before been done in traditional online casinos and terrestrial casinos.

Now it is possible to talk online and to confirm results with each other. This innovation is one of the many ways Bitcoin is changing the way the Internet works.

What is Provably Fair?
Provably Fair Gaming

How do the demonstrably safe casino games work?

The provably secure system depends on the cryptographic hash function, which makes it possible to convert the data to a character string called a hash.

It is virtually impossible to abuse these powerful hashes with today’s technology. The proof is in the Bitcoin network. The cryptography behind the net has never been broken and will probably never be broken.

The cryptographic data is ideal for Bitcoin money and gambling. They allow the casinos to prove to the player that the seed has not been changed without revealing it to the player.

Example :

There is no unique formula or algorithm for provable safety. For example, the result of a blackjack game is charged differently than a result of a dice game.

In addition, each online Bitcoin casino can have its own method to get the result. To make sure that you have not been cheated, you need to know how the results have been calculated and check them.

For the majority of the dice game sides the rolls are calculated as follows:

Calculation of the rolls:

1. The server creates a secret random sequence.

2. The random sequence of the server is hacked.

3. The player delivers his own customer random sequence.

4. The two random sequences are taken to one.

5. The random sequence of the server is shown, so the player can make sure that it matches the hash.

Some dice games use a secret day code that replaces or supplements the server’s seed.

The day code is similar to the seed, in the sense that it also remains unknown to the player while the dice are being rolled. The difference is that the code is shown at each end of the day and that this code is used for all dice rolls of the day.

Provably Fair Poker:

The provably secure poker has been claimed by many Bitcoin users. Theoretically, it is possible to use a Cryptographic protocol called poker mental. Poker mental is a theoretical game that allows the player to play long term.

It divides the cards so that neither the player nor the player sees each other’s cards. But this scheme is in reality unrealizable. Because mental poker demands that every player be able to decrypt the cards, it would be impossible to deal with cards when a player separates from the game. The game would be stopped until the missing player came back.

Nevertheless, there are many poker sites that remain popular because players believe in the seriality and fairness of the site’s poker software.

Provable and reliable results?

Is it possible that a Bitcoin game site that proves to be safe will, so to speak, cheat the player?

Some casinos claim to have provable and reliable results, but in reality, they only have provable ones. The difference is that the casino knows the game results, but not the player. The casino can bet by showing the player only the loser results, so the games are not fair.

Theory Says :

Theoretically, the software of the Bitcoin casino could be separated from the player in the event of a winning bet. So you could come up with the pretext that there are technical issues and refuse to pay the player out. Should that allow a casino, this would fly up quickly, because the gaming community would alert the other players and these, in turn, would not play on the site.

Another problem might appear when a dishonest casino (scam casino) intentionally prevents the player from picking up money and thus steals the player. Winning a game would mean nothing if you could not cash in on the prize.

How do you know if a Bitcoin casino is demonstrably safe?

First, look at an online Bitcoin game page for its demonstrable equity statement. You should be able to know how the results are calculated and then to test them yourself.

Most sites have a form with which you can check the results after a match. You need to be sure that the data has not been tampered with and that the results have been calculated locally.

You also need to register your customer seed, the hash server and the result of a roll. If a dishonest casino manipulates the data during a match, you would be protected from it.

Provably Fair Conclusion :

In conclusion, proven reliability gives the player a so-called “tool” that never before existed in the world of online cash games. Now it is possible to test the honesty of a casino game site without the help of the Random Number Generator (RNG). Read more about RNG here.

The users of Bitcoin must remember. And, if possible, choose a demonstrably secure site to play and bet on. Despite the fact that this is a brilliant system, it has been on the market only for 2 years and remains complicated for non-insiders. But everything is done to make it accessible to all.